1. Subject

The journal "S & T" is a multidisciplinary journal that includes scholarly works in the following scientific fields:

The journal is published only in electronic format. It includes scientific papers presented at the annual international scientific conference of Union of Scientists - Stara Zagora.

2. Editorial policy

All manuscripts for journal "S & T" are discussed during their presentation at the International Conference of the Union of Scientists - Stara Zagora.

Manuscripts must meet the following conditions:

The authors are provided conclusion by the editorial committee, which can be formulated:

In p. 2 and 3 the authors are provide recommendations for improving the manuscript.

3. Ethical Rules

Plagiarism is a scientific abuse and establishment will be sanctioned by the journal.

All authors must certify that the manuscript, no matter what language e, has not been published elsewhere. The authors can reuse parts of their work for other purposes if provided correctly citation. Readers can use the work for educational or other non-commercial purposes, as long as the content is properly cited.

The journal "S&T" support efforts to implement the principle of open access to scientific information. Every issue of the journal is available online at www.sustz.com.

The main ethic principles for evaluation of submissions in this context are: differ with ideas, not with persons; respect the expertise and shared commitment; expressions of prejudice, including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia etc. are unacceptable and will not be allowed in the journal.